Setting the record straight


We've all at some point heard it - "I'm sorry, but you don't have a standard door!! "

As a business owner and consumer, I can imagine the fear of hearing the overly used expression “I’m very sorry, but you don’t have a standard door” shortly followed by such words as ‘made to measure or bespoke’ coupled with the sudden realization that what one had considered a pretty straight forward affair of changing ones garage door; now appears to be more detailed than at first thought.  This added to ‘Just how much is that sharp intake of breath actually going to cost me’  could all make for a spoilt morning!……………… But STOP.  Twenty years ago the above was indeed the case for one in every 20 customers.  Garage door manufacturers realized quite a few years ago that the general public were not too keen on the idea of knocking down a perfectly good garage in order to rebuild it to the correct metric size of today’s doors.  And rightly so… Hence the introduction of extended “standard” sizes’……………………… it needs to be said that this is not by any means a new Phenomena.

This page is dedicated to  reassure customers that made to measure or bespoke garage doors have always been, and shall remain the exception and not the rule.  I have grown tired of hearing stories of companies claiming to have the ‘Customers’ needs at the top of their priority only to find sales Reps. attempting to squeeze every available % out of their prospects by insisting  they(customer) require products that they do not.

To best illustrate this point I have listed below just 1 manufacturer of which there are at least six here in the UK to show just how easy a STANDARD sized more cost effective door is readily available.

 The following doors have a combined quantity of no fewer than 150 standardized sizes!

Please be aware that the above is a representation of just ONE manufacturer,  displays just ONE type of door (up & over), and just ONE product material (Steel).  Hopefully this will help toward filtering out the so-called ‘professionals’ in our industry and act to better serve the people that give us our living – The Customer!

Should you find yourself in the position of “needing” a made to measure door – Please call us for confirmation or otherwise.