Door gear selection

How to choose the right lifting gear for your new garage door………

Whats the difference and how does this affect my choice?….. Essentially, this depends upon a few simple factors which are now explained. 

Canopy Operating Gear

Canopy lifting gear is operated via the employment of a torsion spring which runs the width of the door at high level, attached to each end of the gear is a cone or drum around which steel cables are gathered. As the door is opened the nature of the tensioned spring is to attempt to unwind, and in doing so it pulls the door upward via the cables which are attached to wheels / spindles.  Canopy doors exist for two reasons : –

1.  A manually operated door is your choice and you don’t foresee ever wishing for electric operation.

2. Obstructions inside the garage, IE. Chimney breasts or any other obstruction impeding the opening door.

Retractable Operating Gear

Retractable lifting gear uses horizontal tracks at door height level which are suspended from the ceiling.  Tension springs are used to lift the door, and these springs are located at low level on either side of the door. This enables the whole door to travel inside the garage.  The opening arc of a retractable door is slightly different to that of a canopy, and as such retractable doors are ready for electric operation as soon as they are installed.

Sectional Operating Gear

Sectional garage doors utilise a combination of both canopy lifting gear, and retractable action.  In so much as the lifting gear can employ either tension, or torsion springs depending upon the door size; and in all cases the whole door is retracted into the garage when open.  Sectional garage doors offer a huge advantage in that they are vertically lifting which allows door operation even when a vehicle is parked within 1mm from the outside edge of the closed door.  This becomes very beneficial to homes with short drives.  Sectional garage doors also offer insulation – click here for sectional door description.

Roller Door Operating Gear

Roller doors as with sectional doors offer a vertically lifting action, however, roller doors are stored above the lintel height and do not have any intrusive tracks inside the garage.  Where space inside the garage is of great importance a roller door will surely be the best choice.  Click here for roller door descriptions.