Garage Door Automation

 Garage door automation is now becoming the norm rather than a luxury.  Automating your garage door offers more than simply making your life easier, it also offers higher security and comfort.
 When deciding upon automation for your garage door there are few that compare to the Hormann SupraMatic range. A powerful operator with elegant brushed stainless steel cover and a host of additional functions. Suitable for garages up to 5500mm wide including heavy timber garage doors and garage doors with wicket door. For garage with up to 5 parking spaces.
All units are supplied as standard with two remote hand sets (with rolling code technology) – Also available are wireless coded key pads for family member access, and personalised fingerprint readers – all adding up to more safety and security.

Convenience and security for your home
No one likes to get out of their car in windy or rainy weather or in the middle of the night, just to open the garage door.
With Hörmann garage door operators, you always have a clear path into the garage, as you can open the garage door and gate quickly, conveniently and safely from your car using a hand transmitter. With the fast, convenient SupraMatic, the inexpensive ProMatic as well as the ProMatic Akku, the operator for garages without a power connection, Hörmann offers innovative operator technology.
Guaranteed quality…
Thanks to superior technical solutions, numerous patents and an uncompromising quality assurance, you receive a 5-year warranty on the operators.
Reliable automatic safety cut-out…
TheTech spec:
Peakforce: 800 N
Opening speed: max. 22 cm/s
Door width: upto 5500mm

 More Safety & Comfort

To see the speed of the turbo Supramatic click the link below and watch the video

automatic safety cut-out immediately stops the door in case of sudden obstructions. We recommend fitting a photocell for even more protection and safety.

Individual, convenient operation…
The varied accessories programme offers high-quality mobile and stationary accessories for all fitting situations. Accessories range from the micro hand transmitter to code switches and finger-scans, as well as special solutions such as the emergency battery.

Patented toothed belt technology…
This reinforced Kevlar toothed belt is particularly tearproof and quiet. It does not require grease or lubricants, so nothing will drip onto your car. This is an important advantage over chain or spindle operators. A strong spring mechanism provides consistent automatic tensioning of the toothed belt and ensures even and smooth operation.

Soft start and soft stop…
Protects door and operator, low noise during every phase of door travel.

Tech spec:

Peak force: 650N
Opening speed: max. 14 cm/s
Door width: upto 5000mm

Tech spec:
Peakforce: 800 N
Opening speed: max. 22 cm/s
Door width: upto 5500mm