Garage Doors

The journey begins…

Let us imagine for a second that 30% of the front fascia of your house was to suddenly be replaced with plain face bricks, we can then start to see just how much an impact your garage door has to the curb-side appeal of your home.  Choosing a door that compliments the appearance of your house can have a dramatic effect.  What goes on inside your garage should have little effect as to the story that is being told on the outside.  Imagine walking up your driveway and seeing a beautiful classic Georgian paneled garage door that perfectly matches your windows and the general lay of your home.  It creates a feeling of warmth, a feeling of “home”.

The types of Garage Door

The primary concerns in planning your garage door installation will vary from customer to customer.  Suitability, however, should be high on the list;  this is afterall a high involvement product and one which chosen corectly, will seriously enhance the look of your home.

Beauty, Safety & Security

The order of these categories will vary from person to person, however, ALL three factors must be considered and MUST be present in your garage door.

Modern architechture has shown us the demand for homes that stand out from the crowd

And the garage door industry responded with garage & front doors to match that high standard.

Safety & Security

Nothing is left to chance

Your garage door is generally the largest moving object attached to your home, health & safety regulations now demand that garage doors comply for installation purposes and for use.

Whether you own a standard 7 feet wide single steel door, or a 20 foot double timber door; safety devices which are now the standard are installed to protect you, your children and your pets not least to mention your vehicle!